HSLuv colour space

What is HSLuv?
  • HSLuv is a colour space based on CIELUV colour space, that aims to provide perceptually uniform and user-friendly colour representation. It combines hue, saturation, and lightness, allowing for intuitive colour manipulation.

  • Hue values ranges from 0 to 360. Saturation and Lightness values range from 0% to 100%.

  • For more information read Perceptually Uniform Colour Spaces, Designing Accessible Design Systems, and HSLuv vs. HSL.

Benefits of HSLuv
  • HSLuv is designed to be perceptually uniform, meaning that a uniform change in colour values corresponds to a consistent and similar perceived difference in colour. This is in contrast to RGB and HSL, which do not have inherent perceptual uniformity.

  • HSLuv incorporates familiar concepts like hue, saturation, and lightness, making it easier for users to understand and manipulate colours. RGB, on the other hand, requires considering three independent colour channels, while HSL is known to have irregularities in colour relationships.

  • HSLuv provides a more visually consistent representation of colours. Traditional colour spaces like RGB often have nonlinear and nonuniform colour transitions, which can lead to visual inconsistencies when manipulating colours. HSLuv offers smoother and more predictable colour gradients.

  • HSLuv can be easily converted to and from RGB values, allowing for seamless integration with existing colour systems. This makes it convenient for applications like web development, where RGB is commonly used.